January 2016 RLF Update

What have the RLFs been up to?

Each month we will be posting an update on what the Regional Landcare Facilitators – Bindi and Kimberley, have been doing.

Download the report here or read on to find out what your RLFs got up to in January 2016.


What have the RLFs been up to? January 2016

Happy New Year everyone! 2016 started off with a few changes, as Dick Green stepped down as one of the Riverina’s Regional Landcare Facilitators, and Kimberley Beattie took up the role, joining Bindi Vanzella.

Kimberley has spent January settling into her new role and is looking forward to working with landcarers and landcare supporters across the Riverina region over the next few years. Kimberley will be focussing a lot of her time on promoting Landcare and the actions of on-the-ground landcarers (be they ‘big L’ Landcare groups, or ‘little l’ individual landcarers or other groups undertaking landcaring activities). Adopting the internet catch-cry ‘pics or it didn’t happen’, Kimberley is encouraging everyone involved in Landcare, sustainable agriculture, NRM, or caring about the natural environment within the Riverina region to submit photos and stories of their activities for promotion via the Murrumbidgee Landcare Facebook and Twitter accounts, and the newly created Riverina Landcare Blog (riverinalandcare.org.au). Suitable stories will also be submitted to Murrumbidgee Landcare, Landcare NSW and Landcare Australia for potential inclusion in the publications produced by these organisations.

What’s the easiest way to contribute? Simply take a photo on your phone when you’re out in the paddock or at an event, post it to Facebook or Twitter, and remember to tag Murrumbidgee Landcare Inc (Facebook) or @BidgeeLandcare (Twitter). Think your project, event or group deserves more than just a photo? Email Kimberley at rlf@mli.org.au or call her on 0487 953 777 Mondays and Tuesdays.

Meanwhile, Bindi has been busy keeping up with environmentally-concerned organisations across the region, and in particular this month has been working with the newly formed Landcare Irrigation Area Collective, to plan an upcoming visit from the national Threatened Species Commissioner. She has been interviewed on ABC Riverina radio three times this month to give updates on Landcare activities and funding opportunities. If you’re not yet on Bindi’s weekly ‘Landcare Snapshots’ emailing list, you can contact her at rlf@mli.org.au to be added, the mailing list goes out to over 60 readers, so if you have news to add, let her know. Heading into February, Bindi has been involved in the selection process for the new Riverina Local Landcare Support Coordinators – so keep your eye out for more information soon.

Both RLFs have been keeping in contact with the Riverina Local Land Services Communications Officers Tracey Bell and Juliet Cullen, Murray Regional Landcare Facilitator Edwina Hayes, and Young District Landcare Support Officer Mikla Lewis to ensure a cohesive landcare message is delivered across the region.


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