Landcare Snapshot 24 March 2016

Below is this week’s summary of events, grants and scholarships presented on Landcare’s weekly segment with Anne Delaney on Riverina ABC Breakfast Radio.

 The Riverina Highlands Landcare Nursery provides locally grown native plants for Landcare and community projects and for sale to the general public. The Nursery specialises in growing native plants to suit the region’s local climatic conditions. Over 80,000 plants are grown each year with the help of volunteers. They have a diverse range of native  of trees, shrubs, ground covers.  They are still taking late orders for farm tree plantings. Nursery hours are irregular for a couple of weeks while due to management taking leave, however you can call 0427568131  or AH 69473208 to arrange for the nursery to be open or take orders.

 Weekly news reminder: If you ever have any events, interesting news or project observations to add for our weekly radio notes please let us know ASAP. We try our best to cover all Landcare related activities across the Riverina and Murray but we could miss something. Also, we can’t guarantee everything will be mentioned on the radio but we will try our best. Broadcasting at 6.40am each Thursday.

 For people reading this for the first time……. welcome. Landcare interest and activity in the Riverina is building momentum and as such, we continue  to expand our list of Landcare contacts. This not only includes Landcare groups in the Riverina but the many other stakeholders and individuals who contribute in a variety of ways.  If you would like to receive these snapshots as a weekly email, please contact Bindi at

 Download this week’s snapshot


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