Hay Plains Landcare Revival

Like the grass growing around the plains so too is the Landcare group in the Hay and Rangelands region. Hay Plains Landcare held their Annual General Meeting on the 3rd of June at the Hay Services Club. There were 17 people in attendance for the meeting with many more sending in their apologies due to the recent rains making driveways difficult to navigate.

Hay Plains Landcare AGM 2016
Hay Landcare has been quietly functioning in the background of the community for many years as Hay Trees on Plains Landcare with the late Ian Auldist at the helm. Acting Chairman, Geoff Chapman highlighted at the meeting that Ian’s dedication to Landcare will forever be valued by the group, his legacy will live on in the many projects and activities he facilitated as Chair and his passion for knowledge and information that drove his many years of active participation with Landcare.

There were many familiar faces in attendance mixed in with some new and young individuals; all showed their interest in participating in Landcare. The existing and upcoming activities and projects planned by Hay Plains Landcare involving the community are sure to spark the Landcare interests of all.

Hay Plains Landcare AGM 2016
One of the projects that Landcare have worked on in conjunction with Riverina Local Land Services over the past few years is the purchase, refinement and operation of a direct seeder that is towed behind a utility. The single furrow direct seeder is available for Hay Plains Landcare members to utilise in their efforts to enhance the vegetation diversity in their paddocks for free. Bill Auldist at the Riverina LLS Hay office can assist with accessing seed and with induction and guidance on how to get the best results out of the seeder.

Another project that the group is currently undertaking is collecting the oral and pictorial history of Landcare in the region and converting it into digital media. This is to record and preserve the history and lessons learned of past activities so that new landcarers can learn from past efforts and have an appreciation of how we have gotten to where we are today.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the environment, the land and what grows on it and how to make it better. With membership set at $10 there are plenty of incentives to join the group.

Hay Plains Landcare AGM 2016
The newly elected committee want everyone to know that Hay Plains Landcare is “open for business” and look to have all involved. The meeting’s outcomes saw a new Chair elected: Marcus Hooke from Elmsleigh, Booroorban; Vice Chair: Geoff Chapman; Treasurer: Adrian Lobbe; and Public Officer: Nerida Reid . The rest of the committee elected on the evening were Damon De Jong, Bill Hooke, Daryl Gibbs, Stacey Lugsdin, Cassandra Smyth and Rob Gibson. The group is still currently looking for a Secretary; if anyone is interested in a role with Landcare please contact any of the executive for further information.


By Annabel Lugsdin (Local Landcare Coordinator, Hay Rangelands)

(Annabel can be contacted on:  alugsdin@mli.org.au  or  0428 549 647)


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