Wattles – Worth Their Weight in Gold


It’s that time of year again when our gardens, parks and bushland turn to gold. Wattles of all ages, shapes and sizes put on their golden floral display, lifting our spirits and heralding the spring.

Young District Landcare and Weddin Landcare are again celebrating Australia’s National Floral Emblem this year with two days of Wattle Walks.

The walks will be held in Maimuru near Young on Sunday 28th August and in Grenfell on the following Tuesday 30th August. Both days will run from 10am to 3pm.

At the Maimuru site fifteen different species of wattles have been direct seeded and planted, forming a dense corridor through which we can easily stroll while admiring their beauty and learning their names. Another rocky woodland site on the property also has a number of wattles to explore.

The Grenfell walk will focus on a paddock which was direct seeded by Greening Australia about four years ago. The site provides fantastic shelter and fodder for sheep and is utilised by wildlife at other times, providing a win-win situation and a sustainable balance between production and biodiversity conservation.

Thirty (mainly local) species of wattles in remnant woodlands and plantings will also be explored on the property.

Morning tea and lunch will be served on both days, at no cost. Participants will receive two free wattle plants and a booklet titled Bringing Birds Back, which includes lots of hints on how to entice birds back to your garden or property through the planting of wattles and other shrubs and trees.

If you would like more information or would like to book, please contact Landcare Coordinator Mikla Lewis at weddin@lachlandcare.org.au or phone 0499 199 016.

Download the Wattle Day Walks flier


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