Landcare Snapshot 25 August 2016

Below is our weekly update covering landcare activities, upcoming events and funding presented on Landcare’s weekly segment with Anne Delaney on Riverina ABC Breakfast Radio live from ~6.40am on Thursday mornings.

Got old chemicals stored in the shed and want them to go?  Chemclear is coming to NSW.  Farmers and other agvet chemical users across NSW  can dispose of their unwanted chemicals as ChemClear schedules a State collection commencing in October. To be included in the October collection people must take an inventory of unwanted stock and register with the program on or before close of business 2nd September. Over 120 manufacturers of agvet chemical are voluntary members of the program, as part of their corporate responsibility programs- register your interest.

Weather or not is a Farmlink newsletter aimed at increasing Soil Moisture Education for landowners to avoid erosion and achieve Productivity Outcomes. The newsletters are produced monthly throughout the growing season, from June to December, and mailed to members so they can access the information as soon as possible. They are also accessible online. The  project is  funding from the Landcare Programme Sustainable Agriculture Small Grant. At the upcoming Farmlink Open Day there will be a series of expert talks about  SOILS – Managing Moisture and Nitrogen

Western Aust. needs help from Wagga Wagga farmers. Trick is you will need to poke around in cow poo. John Allen (Trainer/College Farm) Coodanup College is after a specific dung beetle. The species is Geotrupes spiniger from Wagga Wagga. These are different to those Geotrupes spiniger from Tasmania. Live specimens will help start a breeder colony for dung beetle research in WA. The beetles are 25 to 30 mm long. Large, black with a metallic blue belly. “Dor Beetles’. John is after at least 20 or more breeder beetles These beetles may not be highly visible at this time, but they would be active and still breeding with all the good soil moisture. ‘Visible’ via thumb diameter tunnels under fresh pats. Probably accompanied by pushups of soil from the tunnelling. John can be contacted on 0417981193 and is open to reciprocating any generous donations. More information about the project on his Dung Beetles in SW Australia Facebook site

For people reading this for the first time……. welcome. Landcare interest and activity in the Riverina is building momentum and as such, we continue to expand our list of Landcare contacts. This not only includes Landcare groups in the Riverina but the many other stakeholders and individuals who contribute in a variety of ways. If you would like to receive these snapshots as a weekly email, please contact Bindi at

Download this week’s snapshot


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