Official Opening of the Kindra Bike and Walking Trails

This Saturday 17th September Kindra State Forest in Coolamon will be the venue for the official opening of the Kindra Bike and Walking Trails. Main gate entry via Lewis St Nth Coolamon.

Kindra Forest in Coolamon

This 52 hectare section of the forest comprises land owned by the NSW State Forest Corporation and a block under the jurisdiction of the Wagga Aboriginal Land Council. Coolamon Landcare and the Coolamon community have for the past 30 years been privileged to work on the rehabilitation, restoration and maintenance of this significant habitat, part of a much more extensive green belt which includes Kindra Forest, private forests to the north, plantings to the east of the Coolamon Golf Course as well as well-established roadside vegetation north and south of Coolamon.

Over the years significant support has been forthcoming from Greening Australia and NSW Forestry for the external fencing of the area, Coolamon Shire Council, schools and the community. Signs of the former degradation of much of the area are still visible (gravel and topsoil extraction, mounds where litter has been buried due to the enormity of the task etc) but what is most obvious is the beauty of the White Cypress Pine, Grey, White and Yellow Box Woodland, the amazing diversity of the understorey (lilies, orchids, native herbage and grasses) providing habitat for many species of birdlife including Grey Crowned Babbler, Superb Parrot, Glossy Black Cockatoos, Wood Ducks and many more.

Local Landcare Coordinator Maddy Gorham with Jeremy Crocker

Coolamon Landcare hopes to be able to continue their association with this project with newly Appointed Coolamon Shire Councillor, Jeremy Crocker, with enthusiastic support from Coolamon Local Landcare Facilitator Maddy Gorham, in the early stages of establishing a wetlands on the flooded  section of the Travelling Stock Reserve. Councillor Crocker is an enthusiastic Landcarer who has spent much time recently in the identification, recording and photographing of prolific colonies of different species of Greenhood Orchids as well as verifying the presence of the less common Donkey Orchid. The great work of Mark Saddler has led to the identification of as many as twenty Aboriginal sites of significance (scar trees indicating pre-European habitation). Artefacts have also been found previously on adjoining farmland. Landcarers and others interested would find the invitation by Coolamon Shire Council to walk or ride on the occasion of the official opening a great opportunity to enjoy, explore and investigate our beautiful natural environment.


Written by Jeanette Campbell (Secretary of Coolamon Landcare Group Inc)


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