Landcare Snapshot 22 September 2016

Below is the weekly update covering landcare activities, upcoming events and funding presented on Landcare’s weekly segment with Anne Delaney on Riverina ABC Breakfast Radio live from ~6.40am on Thursday mornings.

Do you value the work of Landcare?  A survey is being conducted to gather views on the National Landcare Programme – including National Landcare Programme priorities and the flow on benefits to local communities.

Got a wetland story to share? A request from the Australian Government’s Environmental Water Office – Wetlands Section. They are after stories of aquatic environmental management. In particular any that may relate to the theme of ‘Wetlands and Disaster Risk Reduction’. This may be areas for drought refuge for stock or wildlife, or area that gather water and prevent flooding, or protect coastal areas from storm surge.  It’s for the 29th edition of Wetlands Australia, which will focus on the theme ‘Wetlands for Disaster Risk Reduction’, to align with the 2017 World Wetlands Day (2 February) theme. Please notify the Department of the Environment and Energy by COB  Friday 30 September 2016 if you are interested in contributing to the next edition of Wetlands Australia, by emailing  Please include in your email your organisation name (if applicable), location and a brief summary of the topic you will be writing about.

Someone we know has  helped establish a natural resource management school in the remote Ecuadorian Amazon with the Waorani people Find out who in the latest Save our species newsletter here


For people reading this for the first time……. welcome. Landcare interest and activity in the Riverina is building momentum and as such, we continue  to expand our list of Landcare contacts. This not only includes Landcare groups in the Riverina but the many other stakeholders and individuals who contribute in a variety of ways.  If you would like to receive these snapshots as a weekly email, please contact Bindi at

Please forward this snapshot to your groups and networks.  Importantly, keep sending in your events to plug on the radio and with our weekly updates. And, importantly let us know how your event went.

Please note: our blogger, Riverina RLF Kimberley, will be on leave for the next two weeks, so the snapshot will not be updated online during this period. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. The snapshot will still be available via email each week, and the radio session will be presented as usual every Thursday morning.

Download this week’s snapshot


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