Landcare Snapshot 3 November 2016

Below is the weekly update covering Landcare activities, upcoming events and funding presented on Landcare’s weekly segment with Anne Delaney on Riverina ABC Breakfast Radio live from ~6.40am on Thursday mornings.


Recognition of Local Landcare project  Murrumbidgee Landcare Inc. Cross Property Planning Project has just been announced as the winner of the Green Globe “Natural Environment” Award!

The Green Globe Awards are “the NSW Government’s leading environmental recognition program, celebrating excellence, leadership and innovation in sustainability”. The Natural Environment award category is for leadership in protecting and enhancing natural ecosystems. Congratulations to Project Officers Jacinta Christie and Nicole Maher and all 76 property owners involved. This is a project funded by the Australian Government Biodiversity Fund and NSW Environmental Trust.


How reliable are climate projections? Checking the accuracy of a weather forecast is easy, because we only have to wait hours or days or hours to see if it was right. With climate projections, we have to wait decades, even centuries, to see if they are on track. The first climate projections were developed in the 1980s, so now we can start checking how they are going against observations. NESP Earth Systems and Climate Change Hub researchers revisited the regional temperature projections for 2030 from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change first assessment report in 1990 and CSIRO’s 1992 projections for Australia, and compared them to 25 years of observations. They found that most regional temperature projections from the early 1990s are proving to be on track, but that climate variability (including cool periods or ‘warming holes’) can affect perceptions of their reliability. You can read more about this research here, where you can also access the research paper.


Bird Survey Results for Tumut Wetlands Some of you might be interested to read what birds are being found in this part of the Riverina. Here are the results and when you can next join them.


For people reading this for the first time……. welcome. Landcare interest and activity in the Riverina is building momentum and as such, we continue  to expand our list of Landcare contacts. This not only includes Landcare groups in the Riverina but the many other stakeholders and individuals who contribute in a variety of ways.  If you do not want to receive this email please let us know and we will remove your address. If you would like to receive these snapshots as a weekly email, please contact Bindi at


Please forward to your groups and networks.  Importantly, keep sending in your events to plug on the radio and with our weekly updates. And, importantly let us know how your event went.

Download this week’s snapshot


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