Bird and Wildflower Walk at the Rock.

Birds and Wildflowers don’t just live in Nature Reserves

On Tuesday 22nd November Ian Davidson, renowned ecologist from Regeneration Solutions, guided 19 keen landholders through the Rock Nature Reserve to expel his knowledge about the birds, plants and reptiles that live in our area. 23 different species of birds, including the Grey Shrike-Thrush, Buff-Rumped Thornbill and Rufous Whistler and countless wildflowers, including the bearded orchard, were spotted during the short 1 hour walk.

A farmer once said to me that to be a good farmer, one must possess good observation skills. These skills shone during this walk. All 19 landholders were able to identify many of the birds and grasses we saw in the nature reserve. They said they recognised them from their own farm. I challenge you to observe for yourself – you may just find that range of birds and wildflowers occur in your own backyard.


Ian spoke about suitable habitat for native birds and animals and imparted one key piece of advice to help recognise existing or potential habitat on private property. Ask yourself this: does your property have an area that has understorey (grasses), middle-storey (shrubs) and canopy cover (trees)? Does that area display a range of different plant species? If you answered yes to either of those question, the likelihood is you have very good habitat on your property. If you answered no, there is opportunity for you to plant understorey (grasses), middle-storey (shrubs) and canopy cover (trees) to provide future habitats for birds and animals.


Following the walk, the Eastern Riverina Landcare Network (ERLN) had its first meeting in over 4 years and a new committee was elected. Welcome back ERLN! If you’d like to be involved please contact me on or 0429 458 717.


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