Thirsty farmers quench thirst with Landcare Lager

What better way to think up strategies towards a more sustainable farming future then over a Landcare lager…Yes that’s right, you heard right! As of today, when you drink a beer, you are actually helping out farmers right across Australia. And that is because Former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, is today launching a new beer brand, Hawke’s Brewing Co, and a percentage of royalties from the company’s beer sales will go towards Landcare projects.

Mr Hawke has selected Landcare as his preferred charity due to his long term association with the movement.

Hawke’s Lager is the first product from the company, which will initially be on sale in a number of pubs in Sydney and one in Newcastle.  The beer includes the Landcare Australia logo, as Landcare Australia has entered into a partnership with Hawke’s Brewing Co and will be managing the delivery of the funds generated through the partnership to on-ground projects across the country.

The partnership is likely to generate a lot of publicity for Landcare and help reinvigorate our profile in the wider community.

Mr Hawke won’t be receiving any financial benefit from the company, and any monies that he would be entitled to will be passed onto Landcare projects through Landcare Australia.

As the product has just been launched, and distribution is limited, details around the level of funding this will generate, where it will be directed and what projects will be supported is unclear, however Landcare Australia will update us once they get a better sense of how contributions to Landcare are tracking.

Well, you know what they say – it’s 5 o’clock somewhere! Better go quench your thirst with a Hawke’s lager. Here’s cheers Mr Hawke.


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